EZ Meet 2017 - Lawmen Froshmore Invitational (CT)

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Open, closes Apr 19 2017 at 08:00 PM EST

When: Apr 22 2017

Where: Jonathan Law High School, Milford CT

Homepage: http://www.ezmeetresults.com/outdoor/Lawmen-Froshmore

Point of Contact: Ron Knapp (ezmeetentry@cs.com)

Entry Types Allowed: not allowed Individual Athletes allowed Coaches/Teams


General Message:

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EZ Meet Services General Meet Instructions for the Lawmen Froshmore Invitational on Saturday, April 22 2017 starting at 10am at Jonathan Law HS in Milford CT. The meet is open to Connecticut coaches and their high school freshman and sophomore athletes competing for their high school teams.

NOTICE: Please ensure that the CT athlete names listed on your Head Count Roster match your CIAC Roster for accurate reporting of results.

EZ Meet Services administers all meet registration in conjunction with NSAF Head Count Event registation services. There are no day-of-meet entries. As a reminder, the following event entry rules are used for this meet.

Event Entry Limits:

  • Each School may only enter 5 athletes per event.
  • Athletes may compete in 3 events; no boy/girl may be entered in more than 3 events.
  • Only 1 relay entry per team.
  • There are no late entries or day of meet entries.

Meet Rules:

Coaches, please pay special attention to the following:

  • To insure a fair and quality meet CIAC rules will govern all events.
  • The meet is open for registration to Connecticut coaches of high school freshman and sophomore athletes competing with their high school team.
  • Coaches and athletes will be asked to stay away from the finish line as there will be FAT system in use.
  • Implement Check: All implements must be checked in by an inspector prior to use in the meet. Violators will be disqualified for using implements that have not passed meet inspection.

Head Count Entry Instructions:

For this meet, select Start Entry below and choose your type of registration. You must then follow these three steps to complete your registration: (you should already have created a Head Count account or use an existing account):

A. Add or change your Roster Names and Grade for boys and girls
(then click Continue at bottom of page),

B. Select/place EACH boy and/or girl from the roster into the appropriate Track or Field Event. Make sure that you enter an appropriate seed mark according to directions on the screen. Make sure to use correct punctuation between numbers.
 Track races are entered as:   MM:SS.MS   (Ex: 5:18.20 for 1600m or 10.9 for 100m Dash)
 while Field events are entered as: FT-IN.FRACTION (Ex: 32-06.5 for Shot Put or 5-06 for High Jump
(then click Continue at bottom of page),  (some of you may forget to do this step!)

C. Complete your entry with a Success page listing all of your athletes that you want to compete in the meet. You can print the page and then you will receive an email confirmation from Head Count of your entries.

If you discover that you omitted an athlete from your roster, you can start at Step-A to add the athlete and then proceed to Step-B to add to event and then to Step-C to finalize your new meet entry listing.

Note that you can make as many changes as you want to your roster/entries using the 3-step procedure until the posted registration deadline.

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NOTICE: Please ensure that the athlete names listed on your Head Count Roster match your CIAC Roster for accurate reporting of results.