Bloomfield vs MLC, Med Prep and Two Rivers

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Closed Apr 18 2017 at 01:00 PM EST

When: Apr 18 2017

Where: Bloomfield High School

Point of Contact: Garfield White (

Entry Types Allowed: not allowed Individual Athletes allowed Coaches/Teams


High School Federation Rules shall govern all contests

Double-dual meets shall be scored using 5 points, 3 points and 1 point for places one through three. Three running scores are necessary: Team A vs. B, A vs. C and B vs. C.

An individual may participate in four (4) events in dual and double-dual meets.

Limitations of competitors
a. A maximum of five (5) competitors shall be designated as varsity in each field event. Other competitors shall be considered junior varsity.
b. Each varsity athlete shall be given four (4) trials whereas junior varsity athletes shall be given only three (3) trials. There shall be no finals.
c. In the lane races (100m, 200m, 400m and the high and intermediate hurdles), all varsity athletes shall compete head-to-head. Therefore, in dual meets there shall be a limit of three (3) varsity athletes from each school and in double-dual meets a limit of only two (2) varsity athletes. Only athletes in the varsity heat may score for their school.
d. The only exception to subsections c and d above is if fully automatic timing (FAT) is used to time all heats and lanes. Then every effort should be employed to match opponents as evenly as possible. (Please give Varsity athletes a seed time.)

Running Events shall take precedence over field events in cases where an individual is participating in both events simultaneously.

The javelin event shall be the first field event with all javelins being secured at its conclusion.

The host school shall provide all visiting coaches with information concerning special rules and use of facilities well in advance of the meet (i.e. spike length, starting blocks, etc).

Take-off marks for the long and triple jumps shall accommodate all levels of jumpers entered.

The “no false start” rule is in effect.