Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my password! How can I get a new one?

If you have forgotten you password simply click the Forgot Your Password link on the login page. Enter your account's email address and you will be sent a new password via email. Once you've received your new password it is recommended you log in and change you password to something a bit easier to remember.

How do I change my password?

If you need to change your password log in and then click the account link in the upper right corner. Then click the "Change My Password" link.

How can I view entries I made a while back?

To view your previous entries log in and then click the account link in the upper right corner. At the bottom of the page you'll see all your previous entries. If you'd like more details click the "Details" link and you'll see all the events you entered in that meet.

How secure is Head Count?

We've taken every precaution to safe-guard your data when you use Head Count. We use 128-bit SSL on all pages that deal with sensitive information (such as the payment page). In addition we don't store anything sensitive, such as your credit card information, in our database to ensure no one can ever get their hands on it.

Why am I not receiving emails from Head Count?

The most common reason you might not be seeing our emails is because they are getting flagged as spam by your spam filter. Check to make sure our emails aren't in your spam folder. All emails from Head Count come from the domain so you should white-list that in your email client.

Why does the site keep logging me out?

Head Count times out your session after 20 minutes of inactivity for security. However if you're having issues staying logged in and you're not reaching that limit please make sure you have cookies enabled.

What browsers are supported?

While we don't prevent any browser from using Head Count, please note that only IE6+, Firefox 4+, Chrome, Opera, and Safari 5+ are officially supported. JavaScript must be enabled to use the site.

Do I need to enter my roster every time I use Head Count?

No, we're here to save you time not give you a headache. Once you enter an athlete using Head Count he/she will remain on your roster for future entries.

Do I need to remove athletes from my roster that I'm not bringing to a particular meet?

Nope. The only time it is recommended you remove an athlete from your roster is when you will not be brining them to any future meets (ex. they graduated and you no longer coach them). There is no harm in keeping all your athletes on your roster.